Ranked among America’s top universities by The Princeton Review, St. 约翰的 University educates leaders for today’s global society through quality academics, high-tech resources 和 an exp和ing international presence. With 1,500 Faculty 和 1,700 Administrators/工作人员, St. 约翰的 is a leading Catholic University in the Vincentian tradition, dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives through active 参与ment in issues of energy 和 resource conservation, 社会正义和全球公民.


为什么在St工作. 约翰的?

考虑在圣. 约翰的? 也许你听说过我们的慷慨 员工福利,我们的免费专业发展 研讨会 或者我们对 多样性、公平和包容.  也许是我们的。 任务 这让你感动,亲爱的 可持续性 主动还是机会 参与 与学生和其他员工.  It might even be the excitement you feel on campus as the 红色风暴 与东部的大对手较量. Whatever your reason for visiting 我们line today, we’re glad you’re interested in St. 约翰的!


A dedication to 多样性、公平和包容 is at the heart of our mission.  作为一所天主教和文森特大学,圣. 约翰的 is committed to institutionalizing practices of inclusive excellence to ensure that we welcome 和 celebrate the intrinsic worth of all members of our community.  We will become an even stronger university as we enhance equity at every level of our institution.  正如我们的愿景声明所述, our graduates will excel in the competencies 和 values required for leadership 和 service in a rapidly evolving world. 

St. 约翰的 University is an equal opportunity employer, complies with 第九条 1972年的教育修正案, 和 promotes education equality through its non-discrimination policies. 查看我们的 就业的海报.


  • 皇后区
  • 史泰登岛
  • 曼哈顿
  • 罗马,意大利






The online 内部员工职业生涯门户 is your one-stop resource for 工作机会 在圣. 约翰的大学. 专为St设计. 约翰的工作人员, 管理人员和教职员工, the portal identifies you as a current member of our internal community when you apply for a position.


  • View open positions along with job descriptions 和 requirements
  • Automatically identify yourself as an internal applicant
  • Simplify the application process 和 reduce required paperwork
  • Instantly review relevant policies, career tips, organization charts, benefits information 和 more

To be eligible to apply for a position in another department, you must have been employed at least 12 months in your current job 和 met your job expectations as determined by your PFP evaluation. You may apply for a position within your department once you have completed the three-month orientation period. It is recommended that you inform your supervisor of your plan to apply for another job 和 give a minimum notice of two weeks before starting in another position. 欲了解更多信息,请参阅 人力资源政策手册, policy # 105 (Job Posting), policy #123 (Employee Promotions) 和 #124 (Employee Transfers).

The Employee Career Portal is accessible from the St. 约翰的 Connect app (click on Campus Resources 和 then on Employee Information) 和 also in the UIS link on 单点登录.e2talk.net

了解更多关于一个职位或你的资格, 联系Maryrose Cordero,电话:(718)990-1865, 按6.

了解最新的工作机会! 就像 我们 脸谱网遵循 我们 推特

原因有很多 爱St. 约翰的; 和 while employees may have their favorites, these are some great reasons to work here:

  • 员工和家庭福利是一流的, 和 include a wealth of flexible healthcare options 和 educational opportunities through tuition remission 和 tuition exchange.
  • There are countless ways for employees to 参与 with students on 和 off campus, 甚至在全球范围内. 学生生活 在圣. 约翰对教育很感兴趣, 文化, 运动, 表演艺术, 精神上的, 社会和服务经验.
  • 慷慨的 假期安排 在其他地方很难匹配吗.
  • 在St工作. 约翰的 gives you access to a diverse 和 vibrant campus life, 和 we’re proud to be recognized as a top university by The Princeton Review.
  • Lifelong learning opportunities abound with free professional development for employees to build skills 和 advance their career.
  • 工作与生活的平衡在圣. 约翰的, 和 programs such as the EAP 和 University wellness initiatives support employees at work 和 at home.
  • Why we do what we do matters; in other words our Vincentian traditions, our mission, vision 和 values make working 在圣. 约翰的经历是独一无二的.
  • We are united by our common purpose to educate 和 enrich student lives, 和 guided thoughtfully 和 securely by a clearly articulated 战略计划.
  • 员工们都喜欢被扫地出门 红色风暴大的东 行动!

来探索 工作机会 在圣. 约翰的 和 create your own favorite reason to love it here!

符合天主教的使命, Vincentian, metropolitan 和 global institution of higher education, St. 约翰大学遵守所有适用的联邦法规, 州和地方法律, 哪些禁止基于种族的歧视, 宗教, color, 国籍或民族出身, 年龄, 性 (including 性ual harassment 和 性ual violence), 性别认同, 性别表达, 性取向, 婚姻状况, 残疾, 公民身份, 家庭暴力受害者的身份, 遗传倾向或携带者状态, status in the Uniformed Services of the United States (including veteran status) or any other characteristics prohibited by law. The University also abides by 第九条 1972年的教育修正案, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of 性 in all education programs 和 activities. The University’s policy of non-discrimination extends to employment opportunities, 录取学生参加学校的课程, 和 to the administration of its educational policies, 奖学金, 贷款项目, 运动s 和 other institutionally administered programs or activities generally made available to students at the University.

Danielle Haynes is the University's Director of Equal Opportunity, Compliance 和 第九条. Ms. 海恩斯的办公室位于皇后区校区, 在人力资源部工作, 大学中心, 联系她的电话是718-990-2660或 (电子邮件保护). 杰基Lochrie, 学生服务副院长, serves as deputy 第九条 coordinator for Student Affairs. Her office is located on the 皇后区 campus at Bent Hall, 花园楼-司法套房17c, 联系她的电话是718-990-6568或 (电子邮件保护). Inquiries may also be referred to the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. 教育部,民权办公室.